Nick Bresler Counselling

Counselling in its simplest form is a helping relationship between two people, where one individual, the counsellor, is exclusively there for the benefit of the other, the client. The counsellor’s principal role is to provide a safe, warm and empathetic, non judgement environment and to assist the client to make sense of their life.

The approach I use involves facilitating an in-depth exploration of the experiences that are causing you distress, with the aim of providing you with greater insight and confidence to affect positive changes in your life. In other words, I will help you to understand how problematic ways of relating to others and to your world have kept you from finding emotional fulfillment. The work focuses on the here and now with an understanding of how past experience might still be exerting a negative influence and how new positive experiences can be harnessed to sustain a happier way of being.

Therapy can help people with a wide range of difficulties from emotional difficulties-anxiety depression-, loss and bereavement, addictions, relationship difficulties or simply reflecting on life choices and making life changing decisions.

The benefits that one might expect to experience from therapy, are a new found openness to oneself and a greater capacity for self acceptance and tolerance to others. This might translate into greater capacity for intimacy with improvements in ones personal relationships, more self confidence and greater freedom to pursue the kind of life that you want.

I would suggest that if you are considering counselling, it might be helpful to book an initial session, where we can explore together what you might be able to gain from therapy.

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